Being Grateful in Times of Hardship

A while back, I was talking with my baby sister about past memories of abuse. She became worried and expressed concern about me being so negative all the time.

I thought, she doesn’t understand. I’m in the process of writing a Memoir, and recalling past memories of abuse is essential.

It’s an emotional outpouring and slow process that takes time. And remembering painful memories of abuse will make you a bit down at times.

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Making Better Choices

Change begins with making better choices. The choices you make in life are often the result of parental guidance or the lack thereof. Parental supervision and physical environment influence your mindset and dictate the decisions you make in adulthood.

Updated on: November 17, 2019

My choices and decisions created severe pain and anguish. In my early twenties, I was flat broke and eating at soup kitchens and city missions in Oakland, California.

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