Why People Need Love and Compassion

Have you ever missed an opportunity to give people the love and compassion needed to heal? 

If so, you know the feeling of heartbreak that comes after your actions. I wept at the missed opportunity to show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. 

Why do people miss this chance? 

I learned it’s because personal experiences impact our actions and reactions towards others. And I let heartfelt afflictions get in the way of expressing the love and compassion needed for healing. But there is hope. 

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Why did you start writing and blogging?

I never planned on writing or blogging. The thought of writing a personal blog, sharing my darkest secrets was not intentional. As a child, I learned not to tell your business in the public eye. The last thing on my mind was to be a writer and pen my story for the world to read. …

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Humbling Lessons Learned

I wrote this blog post in 2015. The humbling lessons learned are still fresh and relevant today. And it’s been edited to reflect personal growth.

Dear Reader,

I began writing after an emotional awakening from years of unacknowledged abuse. I was a victim of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence. My thinking was impaired, the inner spirit in turmoil and heart scared.

I started blogging to be listened to and, more importantly, understood. I desperately wanted someone to care about my sufferings. And someone did.

Through blogging, I acknowledged the abuse and learned valuable lessons from previous afflictions. And reached out to and accepted genuine healing from the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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