Living in Fear is a Trap

When I look back over my life of 52 years, one thing stands out the most. I’ve spent a good share of my life “living in fear.”

I lived in fear of an abusive husband finding me. In fear of judgment having run away, leaving my two children behind. And fear of what other’s thought about me. In other words “fear” consumed my thoughts and held me captive in darkness.

The grace of God has given me the ability to accept Jesus Christ as my savior. And over the course of years, the Word of God transformed my dysfunctional mind and given me a new life in Christ.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Being Vulnerable

How can you learn to overcome the fear of being vulnerable? The best way to overcome the fear of being vulnerable is to do what you fear, walking by faith.

Having suffered abuse at the hands of parents, a boyfriend, husband or stranger leads to being fearful and distrusting. The last thing you want to do is be vulnerable.

Vulnerability to an abuse survivor means you are open and trusting of others. It leaves you susceptible to a possible attack of abuse, criticism and personal judgment.

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Meaning of Walking in Darkness

Walking in darkness refers to the“physical and spiritual living conditions“ of non-believers. Individuals who do not trust in Christ for their salvation. And we’re not cleansed of all unrighteousness.

You can identify them by their objectionable behavior and unjust actions. To God, all have sinned and fallen short of His glory. This means we have all walked in darkness at some point in life.

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How to Stop Living in Fear

Do you want to stop living in fear?

Fear is a powerful emotion, a gripping feeling of anxiousness or apprehension about a situation or event. It’s an emotional reaction to pain or danger and the results of sin.

Living in fear; abuse victims are paralyzed and trapped in hopeless relationships. The desire to fight or flee diminishes as feelings of fear grip their mind. Many don’t know how to stop living in fear.

You can stop living in fear by conquering it head on through faith.

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