The Danger of Keeping Family Secrets

After years of suffering, I learned, keeping secrets from the public eye was a grave weakness. That secrets prevent you from moving forward in life.

My Father spoke in riddles, making you think one minute and confusing you the next. Like the baffling statement “You can’t start out in life with a broken garden hoe” made days before my wedding. It caused confusion for twenty-eight years.

His famous remark;

don’t tell anyone what goes on in this house.

Keeping family secrets, I lived in the darkness with fear and carried heavy burdens. At forty-six, a battered heart split open, and sinister secrets and burning emotional pain spilled out.

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Memoir Writing Progress – I’m Doing the Happy Dance

I’m making significant progress on writing the Memoir. Such advancement I’m doing the happy dance. I’ve learned a great lesson too. – Don’t be afraid to search and search for “the best takeaway” for the reader.

The best takeaway gives readers HOPE for something in the future. It can be hope for a better life. Hope for a particular struggle they are facing. If the takeaway is not hopeful then most likely the book will fall flat.

No happy dance.

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Writing a Memoir

Last updated on: February 27, 2019

Writing a Memoir is hard work! The storyline changes several times before you settle on something worth reading. I’m getting closer to selecting a title, subtitle, and theme for the book.

I was proceeding to write the Memoir with the title “Out of a Secret Darkness” and had a great cover made too.

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