How to Stop Violence in Schools, Communities and Around the World

Last updated: June 2, 2020

Many are asking; how to stop violence in schools, communities, and around the world? 

I believe society will not find answers by focusing on violence. Nor resolutions by imposing laws that provide temporary relief and appear to fix the situation. 

They’re a band-aid solution for a more significant problem. 

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The Heart of Domestic Violence

The heart of Domestic Violence is the people we have become growing up or are going into the situation. It’s our past and current experiences in life reflected outward through our actions and reactions.

Its personal choices we have made or will make in life and two people coming together who are downtrodden in spirit.

I’m a 20+ year survivor of Domestic Violence. It took years to heal in mind and spirit. I praise God he never left nor forsaken me. God’s love and strength have seen me thru the toughest of times.

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My Personal Testimony

My personal testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ

As a child, I lived in the Adirondack Mountains. On vast woodland once owned by my grandparents Willard and Maude Carleton.

My father worked in the Paper Mill and plowed and harvested his fields and cut down firewood for winter. And mom was a housewife and later worked providing home care.

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