Open Letter to Police Officers in America

I can’t imagine you thought being a police officer in America would come at such a price. The level of hatred and disregard for your profession is growing, and nd the driving force is fear.  Many cannot comprehend the reality of the world’s condition, the level of abuse, and violence across the globe. We live …

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The Abuse Offenders Challenge

In recent years, several Internet challenges went viral online. The aim is to dare others to do or repeat a challenge. And some challenges are downright dangerous and even life-threatening.

This got me to thinking! Why not create an internet challenge to help victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

So, I came up with “The Abuse Offenders Challenge.”

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Domestic Violence – Questions and Answers

Domestic Violence Questions and Answersis a featured blog post in honor of domestic violence awareness month October 2018. 

I was reading a post on the topic of domestic violence, and in the comments section, a gentleman named Brad posted four domestic violence questions.

Domestic Violence Questions

  1. How do we repair this situation?
  2. Is there a recovery for domestic violence or should we brand offenders for life?
  3. What are some ideas to rehabilitate offenders and how to educate our children?
  4. Having been through domestic violence what are some ideas from the front lines to make a difference?

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How to Stop Violence in Schools, Communities and Around the World

Last updated: June 2, 2020

Many are asking; how to stop violence in schools, communities, and around the world? 

I believe society will not find answers by focusing on violence. Nor resolutions by imposing laws that provide temporary relief and appear to fix the situation. 

They’re a band-aid solution for a more significant problem. 

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