The Christmas Present

My father loved the ugly Christmas Tree. The silver branches were glistening with red, blue and green colors from the strobe light below. I hated the tree with a passion. But, at least we had a tree and gifts to open.

Mom always hid the Christmas presents in the same place, her bedroom closet. And then made a point to say, “don’t you children go snooping in my bedroom.” Now, what kid wouldn’t go snooping when you tell them where their gifts are.

The Christmas Present

Oh yeah, I did snoop for presents, and opened the biggest one naturally, very carefully, so the paper didn’t tear. Gently sliding the box out of the wrapping paper, I unveiled a ColecoVision Game Console with the game Donkey Kong in the box.

It was the best Christmas present ever!

My younger siblings and I went straight to the living room and hooked the game console up to the back of the TV set. Taking turns, we played Donkey Kong for hours. After we finished playing, we re-wrap the present and put it back into the closet until the next day.

Dad worked long hours at the paper mill, and mom helped seniors in their home and went to bingo. So they never knew we opened the present every night after school and hooked it up to the TV set to play.

We were very good at playing Donkey Kong by the time Christmas came. And our parents never found out we opened and re-wrapped the gift numerous times before Christmas day.

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The Christmas Present

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