The Abuse Offenders Challenge

In recent years, several Internet challenges went viral online. The aim is to dare others to do or repeat a challenge. And some challenges are downright dangerous and even life-threatening.

This got me to thinking! Why not create an internet challenge to help victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence.

So, I came up with “The Abuse Offenders Challenge.”

The Abuse Offenders Challenge

Challenges all child abuse, child sexual abuse, and domestic abuse, and domestic violence offenders to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.


The challenge is to turn yourself into local authorities.

Think about the effects your actions are having on another person. And go to the local authorities and confess the TRUTH. It’s an invitation to step out of the darkness of sin and into the light of Christ.

Confess, Repent and Turn Away

God will hold you (the offender) accountable for the impact you’re having on another human life. And will judge you harshly in the end for your sinful actions. However, you can be forgiven by confessing, repenting and turning away from your sins.

The burden of guilt and shame is yours to carry. And the fear you imposed upon your victim (or victims) is cowardly and disgraceful.

The victims of your atrocities will not sit by in silence forever. Survivors are standing firmly together to end child abuse, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and domestic abuse.

Survivors Are Standing Strong

Abuse survivors are standing firm in the face of adversity to end abuse and violence. We will not run away in fear, hideaway or be dismayed.

We hold firmly together in the truth. And will continually support victims who are powerless to fight for them themselves.

The victim’s voices are gaining in strength every day on social media, the internet and in the news media. And together #SurvivorSpeaks to end domestic violence and domestic abuse, and to #stopchildabuse.

Victims will not cower in fear of you or to your abuse anymore. We will not carry the burden of shame and guilt for you any longer.

That burden is yours and yours alone to bear.

The Innocent Children

The innocent children who suffer through child abuse and child sexual abuse will live with the effects forever. Your actions will forever change the heart and mindset of an innocent child.

The abuse you’re inflicting on an innocent child will have long-term emotional, physical and psychological effects. And these innocent children are being robbed of the bright future they are entitled to live.

The Abused Partner, Wife or Husband

Victims who suffer through domestic abuse or domestic violence are living in fear of you. Your cowardly actions of abuse, control, and manipulation are unacceptable.

The abuse you’re imposing will have long-term emotional, physical and psychological effects.

I know first hand having survived domestic violence for three and one-half years. After losing custody of two children and running in fear for my life. I lived in fear with guilt and shame for over twenty years.


My Abuser (My Husband) took Responsibility

Then over twenty years later, my abuser (my husband) took responsibility for his actions. My husband (Bobby Joe) sent me this message on a dating website.

Just wanted to say I am VERY sorry for all I had done. I am not that person anymore not by far. Only some punk ass kid would do the shit I did. I was devastated by Anthony’s illness, made me very angry. I had a lot of issues period but, my life has changed. I am not trying to be a friend, to get back or none of that. I just wanted to say sorry, and hope life sheds a ton of happiness upon you and yours.

Will you take Responsibility for your actions?

My husband said,

Only some punk ass kid would do the shit I did. I had a lot of issues period but, my life has changed.

I think that sums everything up nicely.

He had issues and problems that were not taken care of properly. And he refused to change his sinful ways.

Our children suffered the most due to his abuse. By not having a mother around to hold them, to care for them properly or to give them a mother’s love.

My abuser (my husband) has taken responsibility for his actions. He told the truth, confessed his sin and changed his life. I commend him.

Will you TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions?

I challenge you to turn yourself into local authorities.

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The Abuse Offenders Challenge

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