Understanding Your Story

I’ve learned understanding your story; the narrative of your life requires deep self-reflection. Reflecting on times of suffering, you explore memories for answers.

As you ponder, afflictions experienced, and unacknowledged grief come to light. The more in-depth you examine, the more you uncover and are willing to reveal, the more you understand yourself.

Deep in thought, you distinguish people who let you down or lead you astray further into darkness — those who caused you pain and the anguish you caused others.

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The Perils of Copying Artists Work

A story about copying Artist work and how to be authentically you. Like an Artist work, he dressed in bright pastel shirts, and ornate ties with brown or black creased pants brushing polished shoes. Thin silver bracelets swayed and square-ish rings were a signature.

Teaching students the principals of Fine Art was more than a profession.

Mr. Geraue taught you how to be authentic.

I loved the class.

My fondest memory. An assignment to create a Halloween design on posterboard. The best pictures would proudly hang in store windows around town for fall celebrations.

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Profit from Your Suffering

Don’t waste suffering by wallowing in darkness. When you can profit from suffering by focusing on learning life’s lessons in trials and tribulations. – The battle every believer faces.

I prayed to God for guidance a few days ago. Was confused about the direction to go with writing the Memoir and relinquished control over to Him. I wasn’t expecting a fast response nor ready for His answer.

While listening to Profiting from Suffering by Dr. Charles Stanley on InTouch Ministries (my favorite) His answer was clear.

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Memoir Writing Progress – I’m Doing the Happy Dance

I’m making significant progress on writing the Memoir. Such advancement I’m doing the happy dance. I’ve learned a great lesson too. – Don’t be afraid to search and search for “the best takeaway” for the reader.

The best takeaway gives readers HOPE for something in the future. It can be hope for a better life. Hope for a particular struggle they are facing. If the takeaway is not hopeful then most likely the book will fall flat.

No happy dance.

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