Why did you start writing and blogging?

I never planned on writing or blogging. The thought of writing a personal blog, sharing my darkest secrets was not intentional. As a child, I learned not to tell your business in the public eye. The last thing on my mind was to be a writer and pen my story for the world to read. …

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Hope for a Better Life

When you live in an abusive situation, hope for a better life becomes diminished by anxiety. And the mental stress confuses and depresses your mind.

Suffering through abuse, you lose your sense of direction and devalue and stop loving yourself. Plagued by fear, you carry heavy burdens to where strength is non-existent.

And you face two options, flee the oppression and hope you make it out alive or continue living a depressed and miserable life.

Those of us who escape abuse don’t see hope on the horizon.

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Admitting Your Wrong

Admitting your wrong can be difficult, especially when your own words speak the truth back to you. I wrote a personal letter to a friend in June 2018. 

I opened a saved copy yesterday to reread the contents. And the words of truth spoke to my heart. I’ve been doing the same thing, going in the wrong direction. 

“I fill my mind with speculations, theories, and searched for things to explain past sufferings and this dark and sinful world. The very things I’ve consumed are driving a wedge between Christ and me.” 

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