How to Afford Christmas with no Money

Christmas Tree

The tree topper says it all; Bah humbug.

Christmas can be overblown, particularly when you question how to afford Christmas with no money.

Over the years, I’ve become skilled at surviving Christmas with no money.

The secret to affording Christmas with no money is to “think outside the box.”

Onetime, when my children were little, we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree. So I took some Christmas lights and taped them on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Another time they were in the form of a cross. The kids thought it was great!

Coupon books were a big hit with the kids too. You can create coupons for reading time, listing time, playing outside, a special trip and playing board games.

They loved playing board games the best. It gave them a chance to spend time with me playing a favorite game.

Oh, how I hate playing Monopoly to this day.

Christmas is not about spending money to purchase material things. And people who can’t afford Christmas are often happier.

They avoid the stress of shopping, paying off debt and learn not to become materialistic.

Heartfelt Letters for Christmas

This year, I decided to write heartfelt letters to everyone. Letters to say thank you and show my appreciation.

Heartfelt messages are a unique one of a kind gift for anyone.

Did you see them underneath the tree?

They empower you to communicate what’s in your heart for the other person. And the person reading the letter will be listening.

That’s a rarity in today’s busy world.

My heartfelt letter to you would read.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to read my blog. I appreciate you visiting and hope it benefits you in some way.

If you have shared a blog post on social media, it’s much appreciated. There are a million blogs or more online to read. And knowing you choose to read this one means a great deal to me.

Thank You and Merry Christmas, Linda

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How to Afford Christmas with no Money

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