I Wanted to be a Website Designer

I wanted to be a website designer. To become one, you need to be self-driven, motivated and determined. I was, and therefore researched how to code CSS, HTML, XHTML and HTML5. Invested numerous nights learning how to read and work with PHP, JavaScript, and other coding languages.

After mastering how to use an FTP program, incorporate SEO into web pages and other aspects of website design. I knew how to design and manage responsive, accessible, and mobile-friendly websites.

I had BIG dreams!

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Hiding in Fear from God

A true story about a young boy who at a Christmas play, jumped down and was hiding in fear from God underneath the Church Pew. 

Hiding in Fear from God

A cherished Christmas memory is the year we attended a Christmas play at the Methodist church in town. My son, Nathan, was around six years old. His grandparents and I took him to see a performance on the birth of Jesus.

The best part came when we heard the voice of God come over the loudspeakers.

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Why Doesn’t My Mom Love Me

Why doesn’t my mom love me? Growing up with my mother was a constant battle. I thought, “My mom doesn’t love me” for many years.

Her behavior towards my siblings and me was utterly repulsive. My mom chose to favor her sexually abusive husband, who was a pedophile, over her children.

At the age of fourteen, my father took off into the woods and tried to commit suicide. Perhaps he was ashamed of his actions or feared what would happen to him in prison.

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