The Perils of Copying Artists Work

A story about copying Artist work and how to be authentically you. Like an Artist work, he dressed in bright pastel shirts, and ornate ties with brown or black creased pants brushing polished shoes. Thin silver bracelets swayed and square-ish rings were a signature.

Teaching students the principals of Fine Art was more than a profession.

Mr. Geraue taught you how to be authentic.

I loved the class.

My fondest memory. An assignment to create a Halloween design on posterboard. The best pictures would proudly hang in store windows around town for fall celebrations.

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How to Afford Christmas with no Money

Christmas Tree

The tree topper says it all; Bah humbug.

Christmas can be overblown, particularly when you question how to afford Christmas with no money.

Over the years, I’ve become skilled at surviving Christmas with no money.

The secret to affording Christmas with no money is to “think outside the box.”

Onetime, when my children were little, we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree. So I took some Christmas lights and taped them on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Another time they were in the form of a cross. The kids thought it was great!

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The Christmas Present

My father loved the ugly Christmas Tree. The silver branches were glistening with red, blue and green colors from the strobe light below. I hated the tree with a passion. But, at least we had a tree and gifts to open.

Mom always hid the Christmas presents in the same place, her bedroom closet. And then made a point to say, “don’t you children go snooping in my bedroom.” Now, what kid wouldn’t go snooping when you tell them where their gifts are.

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Planting Seeds of Faith

Planting Seeds of Faith – My father always had a way with words. And one day, in moments of anger, his words became seeds of faith.

One night in a rage, my husband destroyed our wedding presents. The only wedding present he didn’t destroy an elegant family Bible.

Several months later, I walked up the steps to my father’s apartment with the Bible in hand. My husband sent me to ask him to purchase the Bible so he could get money to buy drugs.

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