About L.M. Carleton – Overcoming Adversity

Hi, I’m Linda, an abuse survivor, mother, professional caregiver, writer, and self-taught web developer. I write about overcoming adversity: child abuse, adverse childhood experiences, and childhood trauma. And guide the way to improve your life.

Linda M Carleton 2016

I live a quiet life in rural New York. But life wasn’t always calm; it became unbearable at forty-six.

After receiving a message from an estranged, abusive husband, and agony for losing our two children consume me.

I tried to forget the past.

I told no one the details of what happened as a child and young adult.

Kept the secrets of abuse because my father said, “don’t tell anyone what goes on in this house.”

But raw memories came rushing back like a tidal wave.

I started writing because the mental and emotional distress was overwhelming. In desperation, I called out to God, “Why do I always suffer?”

His wisdom illuminated the darkness helping me understand the dysfunctional mindsets. How unhealthy patterns of behavior and poor choices wreak havoc on your life. And to grasp the cause of suffering.

The grace of God helped me acknowledge affliction and accept the past and move forward. To let go of bitterness and resentment and forgive.

I learn not to fear and be of good courage because Jesus Christ is always with you. And to discern, walking by faith in Jesus Christ. In obedience to God’s Word is the best way to overcome adversity and improve your life.

I write to help adult child abuse survivors overcome personal struggles and hardships.

Writing topics include;

Unhealthy Relationships
Child Abuse
Child Sexual Abuse
Domestic Violence
Personal Boundaries
Poor Choices
Death and Dying
Dysfunctional Families
Drug Addiction
Child Neglect
Mental Distress
Emotional Distress
Reflective Writing
And More

My purpose is to support you on your healing journey.

To assist you in overcoming the fear of telling your story. And encourage personal growth and spiritual growth.

My goal is to help adult abuse survivors find the way out of the darkness. I lead you by experience, and walk by faith, not by sight, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.